Introducing Mobile Union's Watercoloring Books

In the world of art, there are coloring books, and there are art instruction books. With coloring books you get a collection of black and white illustrations, and you color within the lines using whatever types of coloring instruments you have to create beautiful, colorful works of art. Art instruction books, on the other hand, teach you how to create your own artwork from blank paper to completed illustration.

What we'd like to offer you is something in between — books that inspire you with what can be done, with space to allow you to emulate and elaborate upon what's on the page with your own creations, particularly with our watercolor pencils. We call them watercoloring books, and we'd love for you to give them a try.

Today we've added three new free books for you to download: Blossoms, Cocktails, and Tropicals. All of them feature wonderful works of watercolor art that we think would be great fun to re-create using our watercolor pencils, and each page has space beside each illustration for your own artwork.


Please let us know what you think, and as always feel free to share your work with us on our Facebook page; we love seeing what you do with our pencils.

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