HERO Limited Edition 120 Colored Pencils — on sale for a limited time!

When our original set of 120 colored pencils first came out a year ago, no one else was selling anything like it for the price. We had other, smaller sets available, but this was truly the first product to represent our new brand. With its entirely fresh look, it quickly became the best-selling item in our catalog.

Today, we have even bigger sets, and they all come in boxes with handles and matching product packaging — even a version of the 120 has been redesigned. But who can forget the original? Not us!

And certainly not me. The original 120 set wasn't just a first for Mobile Union. It was a first for me, as a graphic artist new to package design.

For a limited time only you can own this limited edition set of 120 colored pencils with our lowest price to date. You absolutely cannot get a better deal than this. Even the shipping is free — but only for a limited time!

Our stock is limited, so get yours now while you can.

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