Color Charts and How To Use Them

The number of hues in our pencil sets can be overwhelming. We include many shades of the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, as well as many colors in between, and sometimes, depending on the individual pencil, the paper you use, the number of layers you put down, or how lightly you color, the shade that ends up on paper might not come out exactly as you expect it to.

Might we suggest what many artists and colorists do to help them get the exact color they need? That is, use a color chart.

We have some available to download off our Facebook page, but feel free to get creative and make your own. If you're planning an art project on a particular brand of paper, it's a good idea to create a chart on the same type of paper with the colors you plan to use, to help you get a better sense of the palette.

See how the colors you choose interact with each other and create new colors. Note how much darker or lighter a color can be with a heavier or lighter set of strokes. Observe the difference between the wet and dry version of the color in our watercolor pencils. Experiment!

Organize your colors by pencil number, by shade, or by your personal preferences — whatever helps you in your endeavors. Such experimentation will give you confidence in your artwork because you'll be better able to predict the outcome of your coloring decisions.

There's no right or wrong way to do it. Just do what makes you happy.

Happy coloring!


  • It doesn’t look like the 160-set has color names on the pencils themselves. However, the 150-set does, and we’ll work on getting the list of color names on the chart soon. Thanks, Retha!

    Mobile Union
  • Thank you for the code numbers. Do you also have a list where I can see the exact color for each number


    Retha Laubscher
  • Great question, Retha. Thanks for asking! We updated the featured image for this blog post to show the 160 set color chart.

    Mobile Union
  • Hi
    Where can I get the codes and names of the color for the 160 set Hero oil pencils


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