Celebrate National Creativity Day with us on May 30!

If you haven't yet heard, creativity now has its own national holiday. Yay! This coming Wednesday, on May 30th, we'll celebrate the first National Creativity Day, founded by Hal Croasmun and ScreenwritingU.

So if you have any sort of creative pursuit — whether it be art, writing, music, film, photography, crafting, sculpture, or whatever — embrace your creativity and CREATE. If you have other creative people in your life, support them! Acknowledge their creativity. Motivate and inspire them to create.

We here at Mobile Union encourage you to share your creativity with us on our Facebook page, but feel free to share on your own pages and social media — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, or what have you. Use the tag #NationalCreativityDay so other people celebrating can find you and your creative work.

If you're stumped about what to create, grab your colored pencils, download one of our free coloring books, and color your favorite page. Then share it with us! It might just get your creative juices going.

Also, keep checking back with us until then. We'll have more in store for you on the big day.

Isn't it about time we had a national holiday for creativity? Take advantage of it and get creative!

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